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Natural fumed wood undergoes a process that darkens the wood fibers and enhances the appearance of the natural grain. The fumed wood is placed in an enclosed environment where it is exposed to ammonia. This creates the natural deepening of the wood hue that is so sought after by the trendiest designers. Contact us for more information about our smoked oak wood paneling and other species options.


Manufactured in a multi-chamber machine, this process utilizes environmentally-friendly vacuum technology where the wood is placed into a chamber and exposed to ammonia gas.

The entire process takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. The result is a darker color for your fumed oak flooring or wall paneling. We use a closed system that is controlled, from start to finish, to create our dark wood paneling.

Wood must contain tannin for this process to be preformed. The concentration of color is dependent upon the amount of tannin in the specie. Color varies depending on level of tannin: from honey-brown to rich chocolate to deep black. You can also expect more smoothness and flexibility with fumed wood.