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Technical Structured Veneer boards are made from unique decorative papers treated with melamine resins, which become part of the panel itself through the application of heat and pressure, hence the term “Technical Structured Veneer”. An irreversible thermal hardening treatment and a special processing allow for remarkable three-dimensional effects, bringing the surface to life and endowing it with extraordinary durability.

Textured Panels- 100% Post Consumer Recycled 13 hour water resistant Core,
CARB2 Hardwood Particle Board. 83-5/16″ X 110-1/4″, 8mm & 19mm
EdgeBand- 328Ft Rolls 1mm ABS- 23mm, 43mm, 65mm

Bianco 1 Side

Tortora 1 Side

Gloss Eucalipto Grey

Gloss Eucalipto Brown

Gloss Rovere Grigio

Gloss Carbone

Gloss Palisandro Azuro

Gloss Canyon Charcoal

Gloss Frappe


Water resistant

Post consumer recycled

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