Sketch Faces and Inlays

  • Sketch Face and Inlay

Sketch Faces offer incredible visual appeal with the creative design. Decorative wood paneling is arranged in varying grain directions and offers endless design possibilities. Request a quote on patterned wood panels today!


Most sketch faces are laser cut for accuracy.

This process calls for a specific sketch or design. This includes inlays of various woods, borders, frames, imitations of stiles and rails, and curved inlay shapes.

A design professional will work closely with the woodworker and veneer supplier to make sure your dream patterned wood panels are realized.


Diamond Pattern Diamond Pattern

Diamond patterns work well with the straight grain of quartered cut veneers. The cathedral in plain sliced veneer does not match well. So, this pattern is available in quartered veneers only.

Reverse Diamond PatternReverse Diamond Pattern

As the Diamond Pattern, his match is available in quartered cut veneers only

Box PatternBox Pattern

Box patterns differ from diamonds in that the seams bisect the corners rather than the sides. Available for square panels and in quartered cut veneers only.

Reverse Box Reverse Box

Available for square panels and in quartered cut veneers only.

Book & ButtBook & Butt

A good choice for wide panels, since the pattern helps balance the grain pattern. The panel becomes symmetrical from side-to-side. Works well with quartered cut veneers and with the pronounced cathedrals of plain sliced veneers.

Basket WeaveBasket Weave

A rather uncommon pattern, creating a pinwheel effect. Best used with quartered cut veneers.

Circle PatternCircle Pattern

A complex, highly decorative sketch face. Works well as an accent with other diamond pattern panels. Available in quartered cut veneers only.


Although usually seen in round panels, the sunburst works equally well in square configurations. The sunburst is usually created from sixteen sections. Slip or bookmatched patterns are available. Plain sliced veneer with a strong cathedral creates a floral pattern.

Cross Book & ButtCross Book & Butt

The cross veneers create very logical locations for square grommets. Available in quartered cut veneers only.

Cross DiamondCross Diamond

Available in quartered cut veneers only.

Cross Reverse DiamondCross Reverse Diamond

Available in quartered cut veneers only.

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