Syncron by Alvic

  • Syncron by Alvic
  • Syncron by Alvic
  • Syncron by Alvic
  • Syncron by Alvic

Syncron line are textured panels created by impregnated paper bonded on particleboard. A selection of modern structures, applied on vanguard designs. For greater versatility, the Syncron line comes in various thicknesses. This versatility adapts to any design that requires a natural touch.


Textured panel with an attractive range. The design and finish complement each other to obtain very natural and modern surfaces.

Syncron Logo

Ice Cream

Ice 1

Ice 2

Ice 3

Ice 4



Supermatt Oriental Black

Supermatt Oriental White



Evora 3

Evora 4



Ida 1

Ida 2

Ida 3

Ida 4



Olmo 2

Olmo 3



Muratti 1

Muratti 2

Muratti 3

Muratti 4



Frappe 1

Frappe 2

Frappe 3


Anniversary Oak

Anniversary Oak 1

Anniversary Oak 2

Anniversary Oak 3


Art Oak

Art Oak 1

Art Oak 2

Art Oak 3

Art Oak 4


Como Ash

Como Ash 1

Como Ash 2

Como Ash 3


Natural finishes

Environmentally friendly

Antibacterial treatment

High scratch resistance

Long durability

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