Syncron by Alvic

  • Syncron by Alvic
  • Syncron by Alvic
  • Syncron by Alvic
  • Syncron by Alvic

Syncron panels are used to create a modern elegant look that is both sleek and natural. Syncron by Alvic comes in a large selection of styles that create the appearance of wood, leather, marble and more.


Textured interior panels with an attractive range. The design and finish complement each other to obtain very natural and modern surfaces.

Syncron Logo

Ice Cream

Ice 1

Ice 2

Ice 3

Ice 4



Supermatt Oriental Black

Supermatt Oriental White



Evora 3

Evora 4



Ida 1

Ida 2

Ida 3

Ida 4



Olmo 2

Olmo 3



Muratti 1

Muratti 2

Muratti 3

Muratti 4



Frappe 1

Frappe 2

Frappe 3


Anniversary Oak

Anniversary Oak 1

Anniversary Oak 2

Anniversary Oak 3


Art Oak

Art Oak 1

Art Oak 2

Art Oak 3

Art Oak 4


Como Ash

Como Ash 1

Como Ash 2

Como Ash 3


Natural finishes

Environmentally friendly

Antibacterial treatment

High scratch resistance

Long durability

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