04May 2020

Fumed Veneer Fumed wood undergoes a process that darkens the fibers and enhances the natural grain. The process utilizes a vacuum technology where wood enters a chamber exposing it to ammonia gas. This process takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. Wood must contain tannin for this process. Tannin is responsible for the color and natural […]

17Apr 2020

  What is marine-grade plywood?   Marine plywood is good-quality, hardwood plywood that is made using waterproof glue. These factors are what make this plywood acceptable for building boats and boat parts. Marine plywood is not waterproof, and it is not rot-resistant or treated with any chemicals.   Waterproof Glue   The main benefit that […]

07Apr 2020

  What does fire-rated mean?   Fire-rated wood is coated with chemicals that withstand ignition and can significantly lower the spread of fire. Many of these same products are tested for how well they keep up in heat, high moisture, and corrosivity. Fire-rated wood’s safety attracts buyers, can reduce insurance costs, as well as can […]

19Mar 2020

    What does Composite wood mean? Composite wood is a mixture of wood fibers, plastic, and various forms of binding agents. Composite Material is very dense and in turn stronger and heavier than hardwood.   Composite Wood Veneer is made from real wood but engineered in a way that makes it less expensive and […]

08Jan 2020

Plywood Express prides itself on being eco-friendly and caring about our environment. We are proud to be FSC certified, selling products that are economically viable, and the wood used in the product meets the requirements of maintaining forest biodiversity.  FSC certification is important to us showing not only the quality of our products but also […]

30Mar 2018
Flexible Veneer on Luxury Aircrafts

Wood is a timeless look that never goes out of style and adds value to any aircraft. When renovating, consider adding flexible veneer accents to your private jet interior design. Veneer consists of a thin layer of hardwood bonded to a less-expensive surface below. Flexible wood veneers look just as gorgeous as hardwood, and because […]

23Nov 2017
Wood Species For Your Wine Cellar

You love wine, and you’re ready to showcase your collection by building a wine cellar. Only certain wood species are suitable for the wine cellar environment. Three popular choices are Pine, Redwood, and Mahogany. When choosing between these wine cellar woods, you should consider your budget and decor preferences. You will also need to take […]