Our Express collection is a more affordable option for a natural wood veneer panel.

Available in 8 species and in different cuts, these panels are a great option for projects that don't require architectural grade veneers.

Express Panels

  • Running Match faces
  • Small sequences between panels
  • Most thicknesses in stock
  • Category:

    *Available: Core Baltic Birch, MDF, Paper Back, Wood Back, Phenolic Back//

    Thickness 3/4 –  1/2 –  1/4 // Size 4×8 – 4×10 // Sides A1 – A4



    American Cherry PS

    Khaya PS

    Maple PS

    Maple RC

    Teak Qtr’d

    Red Oak PS

    Sapele Qtr’d

    Walnut PS

    Walnut Qtr’d

    White Oak PS

    White Oak Rift