Figure Types

Along with color and type of wood, figure plays a strong part into the veneer that is chosen. Figure refers to the surface effect of the grain. Wood grain patterns are produced naturally as the tree grows. Different wood grains include Bird's Eye, Fiddleback, Pommel and Crossfire etc.

Figure Types

  • Various patters
  • Many species available
  • Creates a unique appearance
  • Matching Leaves

    The veneer matching is an arrangement of veneers with similar grain patterns within a given panel.

      Matching Leaves

    • Creates different looks
    • Changes grain appearance
    • Gives a unique pattern

    Matching Leaves on a Panel

    The veneer leaf width determines the appearance and yield of a panel

    Matching Leaves on a Panel

  • Creates consistency within a panel
  • Determine the symmetry in a panel
  • Determines Quantity of leaves
  • Matching Panels

    There are a few different ways in which these leaves can be “laid up” within the panel's required specification.

    Matching Panels

  • Makes room appear bigger
  • One continuous panel
  • Creates a nice look
  • Sketches

    The veneer sketch matching creates specialized patterns bringing personality to the project.

    Sketch Face

  • Creates different patterns
  • Adds personality to projects
  • Generates a unique appearance
  • Veneer Cuts

    There are multiple ways to cut veneers in order to produce unique and interesting styles. Depending how the log is cut, this will determine the grains appearance.

    Veneer Cuts

  • Changes grain appearance
  • Creates different patterns

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