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Plywood Express provides high-quality substrate products. We have many different options for substrates such as MDF, plywood, particleboard and more

A substrate is the material to which a veneer is bonded. With careful preparation and adhesive selection, almost any smooth surface can be veneered.


  • Premium Quality
  • Various strength options
  • Color options available
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    *Available: MDF Regular, Ultra Lite, Kerfed Core, Moisture Resistant, FSC NAUF, Fire Rated, Colored

    Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, is a premier substrate for wood veneer. MDF’s workability, good dimensional stability, flatness, close tolerances, and lack of grain-telegraphing have contributed to its wide acceptance. Good bond strength, smooth surface, and resistance to compression and warp make MDF an ideal substrate.

    These are wood fiber boards. Their main features are the excellent finishes that are achieved, lower wear and tear of tools and large savings on paint compared to other types of wood boards. Plywood Express provides MDF of different characteristics, formats, sizes and thicknesses

    Medium Density Fiberboard is manufactured from highly refined wood particles into an extremely dense panel that in addition to being very smooth and uniform in thickness, will machine more like solid wood than either particleboard and veneer cores.


    *Available: FSC NAUF, Fire Rated, Baltic Birch, Marine Grade, Combo Ply, Bending Ply

    (We carry Domestic, Russian, European, Brazilian, African, Vietnemese)

    Veneer Core Plywood is a versatile product that can combine attractive surface appearance with superior performance while retaining comparatively high strength to weight ratios. It was developed to provide panels with dimensional stability and good strength both along and across the panel.

    Veneer Cores are compressed of an odd number of wood veneers laminated in alternating grain directions to achieve the desired panel thickness. Core veneers may be softwood or hardwood and the grades may vary significantly. While they will be balanced from the center out, individual core veneers may be of varying thickness. Veneer cored panels hold screws better than most other substrates and they are less uniform in surface flatness and thickness.


    *Available: NAUF, Medium Density, High Density, Fire Rated, Moisture Resistant, Kerfed

    Particle Board panels are made predominantly of refined wood particles that are bonded with thermosetting resins.  It features a highly refined smooth surface and tight uniform core with machinable edges and excellent dimensional stability.

    Using Particle Board panels you are guaranteed smooth, precision-sanded faces and tight edges.

    Particleboard core is a wood panel product that is used widely in the manufacture of furniture and cabinets. Its smoothness, surface integrity, uniform thickness, uniform properties, ease of layup, and ability to stay flat make it an ideal core material.

    Particleboard is perhaps the least expensive core for hardwood plywood because its particles are less refined than MDF, yet it is perfect for many applications.


    Valued for its appealing light color, Baltic Birch plywood features a uniform grain, and outstanding durability.



    • Grades BB/BB – CP/CP
    • 1″ – 3/4 – 5/8 – 1/2 – 1/4
    • 4×8 – 8×4 – 4×10 – 10×4 – 5×10 – 10×5 – 4×12
    • Available Interior and Exterior Grade
    • Available in FSC, NAUF, Carb 2 Compliant