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The veneer sketch matching creates specialized patterns bringing personality to the project.

Sketch Face

  • Creates different patterns
  • Adds personality to projects
  • Generates a unique appearance

    Diamond Match

    Generally done with a straight grain veneer. If a rectangle is divided into 4 quadrants, the veneers match at an angle to the quadrant line and the grain forms a “V” resulting in a diamond shape formed by the grain directions.

    Reversed Diamond Match

    Commonly done with a straight grain veneer, a rectangle is again divided into 4 quadrants. The grain directions are from the center point to the outside edge of each quadrant, resulting in a series of “V’s” formed by the grain match at the joint line pointed in at the center point.

    Sunburst Match

    Most commonly done with a crotch or other highly figured wood. Generally on a round, oval or octagon shaped panel; leaves of veneer are clipped into pie shaped pieces and then book matched. The result is a grain pattern that repeats, which gives the illusion that the pattern grows out and expands from a center point.

    Parquet Match

    Panel is divided into multiple equal sized pieces and each veneer leaf is joined at right angles to the adjoining piece of veneer.

    Herringbone or V-Match

    Assembled veneer leaves are cut at 45 degrees to one edge of the panel and then end matched to the adjoining assembled set of leaves

    Box Match

    Veneers are cut into 4 triangles with the grains lining up, forming a square that begins in the center and expands out.