High Gloss finishes are extremely popular for cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. This timeless choice creates a crisp and clean atmosphere in offices, hotels, retail areas and homes. High gloss wood panels add the appearance of space to a room, which makes this finish desirable in smaller rooms and closets.

Luxe Zenit by Alvic is known for providing amazing quality High Gloss wood veneers. The finishes are environmentally friendly, have an excellent resistance to scratching and are easy to clean. These surfaces are also antibacterial treated, which makes them perfect for schools, day care centers, nurseries, hospitals and homes. Luxe Zenit by Alvic is offered in multiple colors, from neutral greys, browns, whites and blacks to more daring reds and yellows. Along with solid colors, Luxe Zenit by Alvic is available in copper and gold. High gloss plywood may be purchased with a textile-type surface.

Oneskin has veneer panels that are high end in every way. They are environmentally friendly products that are made to last. These products have antibacterial treatment, are easy to clean and have a high, glossy sheen. These high gloss MDF panels also have sustainable color, which means they will retain their outward appearance for the entirety of the product’s life. Oneskin high gloss plywood panels are offered in neutral tones, from sunny white to light grey to carbon oak. The finishes are offered in wood grains, stone and solid colors.

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