Textured Wood Panels are offered through Plywood Express in multiple styles and in a variety of sizes. Textured Wood Panels may be used as flooring, as wall paneling or to cover any number of surfaces. Plywood Express provides Textured Wood Panels from Pannellis by Cleaf, Skin by Kronospan and Syncron by Alvic.

Cleaf laminate is textured melamine on particle board. This laminate is treated with antibacterials, has a long life and is environmentally friendly. It is also scratch resistant, which makes it a good choice for walls, floors and even cabinetry. Pannellis by Cleaf is available in natural finishes that mimic the look of wood. Choose from finishes like Sherwood Richmond Park, Penelope Guerilla, Nadir Scarf and Matrix Vintage.

Textured Wood Panels by Kronospan are created using high pressure heat bonding attached to particle board. Skin by Kronospan offers accompanying edge bands for a complete look. These materials are popular for kitchens and bathrooms because they are antibacterial treated and have a very high scratch resistance. They are also environmentally friendly products. Skin by Kronospan is available in neutral tones that range from light to dark tans, browns and greys.

Syncron by Alvic has the widest variety of finish options available through Plywood Express. Wood finishes include ash and two styles of oak as well as specialty wood finishes like Frappe and Olmo. Syncron by Alvic also provides finishes that mimic marble and iced textures.As with most Textured Wood Panels, Syncron by Alvic has long durability and is highly scratch resistant. It is also antibacterial treated. These Textured Wood These decorative interior wall panels are very popular in kitchens and bathrooms in residential homes. They are also used in hotels, apartments, commercial businesses and even hospitals. The antibacterial treatment and longevity of the surface lends itself well to areas that experience high traffic. The materials are also easy to clean and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

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