Plywood express offers a variety of interior plywood paneling options and products for all of your design needs. You can find cabinet doors in finishes ranging from traditional to exotic finishes. These cabinet doors can coordinator with virtually any interior.

Other products available through Plywood Express include edge banding, phenolic back flexible veneers, paper polyback flexible veneers, wood back flexible veneers, custom plywood panels and high-pressure laminate.

Plywood Express carries interior plywood paneling from your favorite companies like Alvic, Cleaf and Kronospan. You will find Syncron by Alvic, Skin by Kronospan, Panellis by Cleaf and much more.

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Acoustic panels are wood slat walls that absorb high levels of reflected noise, but they will also create a more comfortable and much quieter environment. Acoustic panels are produced from wood slats that are mounted onto a felt back, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles, making it an environmentally friendly product. Acoustic panels are very easy to install and suitable for many applications.

  • Standard Size 2 x 8
  • ½ inch deep wood slat
  • 1-inch wide wood slat
  • 3/8 felt backing
  • Total Thickness 7/8 inches
  • Recycled material
  • Fire Rated Material

Cabinet Doors

The look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom is entirely dependent upon the style of the cabinet doors. The clean lines of flat doors are modern and sleek. These modern cabinet doors are perfect for minimalists and those who want to highlight areas of the room other than the cabinetry. Shaker style cabinet doors have a more traditional appearance. These traditional cabinet doors are appealing to anyone who desires a timeless look and feel. Plywood cabinet doors are offered in multiple styles, shades and grains.

Cabinet Doors

Available in these styles

  • Shaker or Cava: This five-piece flat-panel style has a frame made from four pieces and a single flat center panel for the fifth piece.
  • Flat: Simple but stylish, plywood cabinet doors for contemporary and modern interiors.
  • Finger-Pull: With integrated “J profile” that provides great aesthetics and ergonomics.
  • Cleaf

    Cleaf laminate is a combination of decorative and texture, as well as the depth of the latter. Textured Melamine Panels on Particle Board.

    Edge Banding

    Wood edge banding tape is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, increasing durability and giving the appearance of a solid or more valuable material. Wood veneer edge banding is a narrow strip of material used to create durable and aesthetically pleasing trim edges during finish carpentry. Plywood Express offers edge banding rolls in different selections such as wood veneer, PVC, unfinished, prefinished, Non Glued, Pre Glued in different width, thicknesses, sizes and textures.

    High Pressure Laminate

    High pressure laminate sheets offer a durable surface that is easy to clean and made to last. They are then affixed to the panel with the highest quality PVC glue. These high pressure laminate panels are ideal for areas with high traffic that need regular upkeep. Kitchens, restaurants, cabinets and even gyms are improved with versatile HPL laminate. Request a quote on high pressure laminate today!


    All new vertical wood striped panels. These panels are available using any wood veneer species, and also allow you to customize the stripe and spacing size, making it as wide or narrow as you need. These panels have an infinite amount of options.


  • Fully Customizable
  •  Available with any veneer species
  • Background colors are available in natural or black
  • Also available in raw or colored MDF
  • *Discretion: these panels are not acoustic meaning they do not have the foam for noise reduction and they are not a finished product.

    Acoustic Panels


    Pre-finished natural veneers with European factory finishing.

    Reinforced with a phenolic backer and is the highest quality within our industry.


    Luxe by Alvic is a collection of lacquered panels available in multiple colors and grains. Luxe is offered in high gloss, bold shades, wood grains and more. Luxe by Alvic can have the appearance of marble, wood, metal or fabric. Luxe panels are available in an array of shades from soft brown to bright red and beyond.

    Luxe Zenit

    The Luxe Zenit Alvic collection is the result of applying state of the art lacquering technologies combined with the latest generation of materials, allowing for the creation of modern and elegant combinations for kitchen, bathroom, home and interior design and decoration projects. Luxe collection includes both intense and attractive solid colors and wood grain & modern designs. Call for a quote on matte finish plywood today!


    Oneskin panels offer mirror and depth effect for high gloss surfaces.


    Luxe collection is the result of applying lacquering technologies combined with the high-quality materials. Create modern and elegant combinations with lacquered wood panels for all interior design projects. Luxe collection includes both solid colors as well as wood grain & modern designs.

    Paper PolyBak Flexible Veneers

    Polybak® is a single-ply sheet which can be used as a backer sheet for veneer. This kraft liner board is extremely flexible.

    The sheet is comprised of kraft paper impregnated and contains no formaldehyde. Paper-backed veneer provides exceptional moisture resistance and high tensile strength.

    Phenolic Back Flexible Veneers

    Real wood veneer is laminated to impregnated phenolic resin paper. Our phenolic panels are similar to the backing on high-pressure plastic laminate. This water-resistant paneling is surprisingly flexible. Phenolic-backed wood veneers are installed with same tools and procedures as high-pressure plastic laminates.

    Pre-Finished Baltic Birch

    Valued for its appealing light color, Baltic Birch plywood features a uniform grain, and outstanding durability.


  • UV Finish 1 side and 2 sides
  • Grades B/BB AND BB/BB
  • 4x8
  • 3/4 (13 ply) and 1/2 (9 ply)
  • Also available in Raw


    Textured panels are created by high pressure heat bonding impregnated paper to particleboard. Matching edge bands are offered to customers, which complement the high pressure laminate sheets. Contact us for a quote on Skin by Kronospan panels today.


    Syncron panels are used to create a modern elegant look that is both sleek and natural. Syncron by Alvic comes in a large selection of styles that create the appearance of wood, leather, marble and more.

    Wood Back Flexible Veneers

    Also called 2-Ply, a wood back veneer is simple using your choice of veneer pressed onto a natural wood veneer backing.

    These real wood veneers are made by bonding two layers of the selected species. The resulting veneer bonds securely to the substrate without bubbling. The use of two layers also offers less telegraphing. Request a quote on our 2-ply veneer today.