Blue Print matching requires careful site coordination and relatively longer lead times. Blueprint panels cannot be manufactured until site conditions are accurately measured and detailed.

Blue Print

  • Precise Measurements
  • Attention to Detail
  • Veneer Specifications
  • Cut Services

    Plywood Express has state-of-the-art machinery that cuts precisely according to customer specifications.

    The CNC machine can precisely cut wood panels using a computer, guaranteeing that any design is cut to perfection.

    The Panel Saw cuts straight and helps to process your work load with greater flexibility, speed, and efficiency.

    Cut Services

  • Cuts 5x12
  • Highly cost effective
  • Eliminates material waste
  • Cut to size
  • Doors

    Customers can provide their own door or Plywood Express can recommend a door and lay up any wood veneer species. Many choices are offered on design, species, and size when planning your custom wood interior doors.


  • Any wood veneer species
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Custom veneer matchings
  • Available in sketch face
  • Edge Banding

    We offer edgebanding service at Plywood Express. This service applies edge which matches the panel face and gives the solid wood look.

    Edge Banding Service

  • Available with any veneer species
  • Both wood veneer and PVC
  • Service available on up to 1-1/4" wide
  • Service available on up to 1mm thick
  • Fire Rated

    Fire Rated wood panel is coated with a fire retardant that helps to delay or even prevent fires. Fire Rated substrates are appropriate when building codes and public safety requirements is part of the project

    Our fire retardant panels meet the standards of ASTM, NFPA, ULC, UL and UBC and was tested by independent nationally-recognized accredited third party labs in the United States.

    Fire Rated

  • Transparent and Odor free
  • Non corrosive and Non toxic
  • Paintable and Stainable
  • Environment safe
  • Lay Up

    Our in-house lay-up of our own custom wood veneer faces is your assurance of superior quality. It allows for fast and effective customization of your designs.

    Lay Up

  • Available with any veneer species
  • Panels up to 5x12
  • Any Substrate
  • Premium Quality
  • Sketch Faces

    Sketch Face is a technique in which different types of wood veneer are cut and laid out in a way that produces a unique design.

    Sketch Faces

  • Varying Grain Directions
  • Endless Possibilities
  • Unique Patterns
  • Table Top

    Customers can bring in any flat, solid table top, and here at Plywood Express we lay up any wood veneer species onto the top. Customers are able to choose whether they want it sequenced or any veneer leave matching (book matching, running match etc.)

    Table Top

  • Sizes up to 4x10
  • Any Wood Veneer Species
  • Flat and Solid
  • UV Finish and UV Prime

    UV Finish features a clear, durable topcoat which is tough, resisting scrapes, chips and the effects of solvent wipe down. Abrasive and impact resistance tests are superior to solvent based materials. Plywood Express is proud to offer our customers a more durable, stain resistant, and solvent-free finish for scratch-resistant wood.

    UV Finish & UV Prime

  • No harmful emissions
  • Withstand chipping and cracking
  • Fade resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Veneer Faces

    Plywood Express Veneer Custom Face operation focuses on the needs of each customer. We adhere to rigorous internal processes and precise customer requirements.

    Customers can choose the veneer log that they desire, which is then created to specifications.

    Veneer Faces

  • Up to 12 feet long
  • Cut with a double knife
  • Custom Made
  • Wire Brushed

    Wire brushed removes soft areas from the surface of the wood, giving a textured appearance to the wood veneer. Wire brushed enhances the wood grain and gives a distinct dimensional look to the surface.

    Wire Brushed

  • Rustic Look
  • Adds Texture
  • Brings out natural grain

  • X