Plywood Express offers a wide range of service to our customers to help you with your next wood paneling project. We offer blueprint, cut services, lay-up, fire rates, sketch faces and inlays, table top, UV finish and UV prime, veneer faces and wire brush.

Explore our website and contact us to learn about the custom wood services that work best for your project. Our experts will provide you with the best products and custom wood design services for all of your needs.


Blueprint panel matching allows for veneered components that are made to exact size and veneer specifications.

Cut Services

Our machinery cuts precisely according to customer specifications.

CNC machine – For Panels 5 x 12 and Panel Saw

We provide excellent wood cutting services that help our customer's business grow. Contact us for more information about our wood cutting services.


Unique wooden doors can really add to your next project.

The interior doors should complement and enhance the design of the room.

Request a quote on custom wood interior doors today!


Edgebanding can be made from a number of different materials. Edgebanding can use plywood’s featuring range of woods including birch, walnut, cherry and many more. Wood-based products such as MDF, and particle board can also be used. Wood Veneer has also become popular in being turned to edge-banding.

Fire Rated

Fire rated wood is coated with a fire retardant that helps to delay or even prevent fires. This fire-resistant plywood is appropriate when building codes and public safety requirements is part of the project.

Many building codes require that wood materials be coated with fire retardant in order to delay the onset of fires. Fire rated plywood is important for those jobs that require fire rated supplies. Our fire retardant treated plywood is commonly seen in commercial businesses, restaurants, hotels and apartments.

Plywood Express ensures that your fire rated plywood supplies are up to the standard you need for your project. Our fire rated plywood is coated with FX Lumber Guard ansparent, odor free, non toxic, non corrosive, non halogenated, stainable, paintable, environment safe, Chlorine free, Non PBDE’s and Non Bromated Products. Being water based the fire retardency of the treated wood, lumber or plywood will last indefinitely if protected from wet locations and high humidity.

If you still have questions about our MDF lumber and fire-resistant plywood panels, give us a call, send us an email or complete our online form. We can provide quotes, answer questions and offer details about our fire-resistant plywood.

Lay Up

Plywood Express has a wide selection of hardwood veneer species.

Whether it’s domestics or rare exotics, Plywood Express has the experience and quality control to not only manufacture panels but also enhance the beauty of any specie of veneer a customer may choose. From basic slip and book matches to the most intricate designs and inlays, our capabilities always result in the most beautiful veneered products.

Sketch Faces and Inlays

Sketch Faces offer incredible visual appeal with the creative design. Decorative wood paneling is arranged in varying grain directions and offers endless design possibilities. Request a quote on patterned wood panels today!

Table Top

Custom wood table tops can be created using virtually any type of finish. The use of plywood as a table top offers a sturdy, long-lasting and easy-to-clean surface. Table top finishes can be high gloss, leather-look or even a rustic rough cut. The possibilities are endless. Contact us about our table top services to get started.

UV Finish and UV Prime

Ultraviolet finishes are organic, fast curing and have no harmful emissions. These finishes are highly prized for their ability to withstand chipping and scratching. UV coated panels are fade resistant and easily cleaned.

Veneer Faces

Customers can choose the veneer face that they desire, which is then created to specifications. Veneer faces can be made up to 12 feet long. Contact us for a quote on our custom wood veneer faces.

Wire Brush

Wire brush surfaces are interesting and rugged. Wire brushing wood adds texture to the surface in order to bring out the wood's natural grain. Wire brush surfaces are rustic in nature. Wire brushing wood is often used to give the panel a rustic wood finish.