30Mar 2018
Flexible Veneer on Luxury Aircrafts

Wood is a timeless look that never goes out of style and adds value to any aircraft. When renovating, consider adding flexible veneer accents to your private jet interior design. Veneer consists of a thin layer of hardwood bonded to a less-expensive surface below. Flexible wood veneers look just as gorgeous as hardwood, and because […]

30Mar 2018
Veneer Figure Types

The wavy textures that run across the face of the veneer is known as the figure. The figure gives the impression that the surface is smooth but not even. How is this effect created? This effect is created through the wrinkling in a formation of a wave on the growth rings. Many people have some […]

09Mar 2018
Choosing A Substrate

Choosing a wood substrate is one of the first choices you’ll make during planning. Medium Density Fiberboard, Plywood, and Particle Board are all high-quality choices that vary in attributes, appearance, and price. Here’s what you need to know about each wood substrate: Medium Density Fiberboard Medium Density Fiberboard, commonly referred to as “MDF,” consists of highly […]

09Mar 2018
Flexible Veneers

Updating curved areas inside your home to give them more appeal can sometimes feel like a challenge. Wallpaper can appear dated, and paint often looks too dull. However, a solution does exist. If you have any curved architecture in your home, consider curved veneer panels that look like stunning pieces of wood. Examples of Places […]

09Mar 2018
Matching Veneer Leaves

Wood panels are constructed by joining multiple veneer leaves, and there are several ways the leaves can be joined, or “matched,” within each panel. Some veneer matching techniques use the grain to create new patterns such as diamonds, while other methods highlight the natural grain direction. Book Match Every other veneer leaf in a panel is flipped, […]

09Mar 2018
Why Matching Panel Faces Are Important

At Plywood Express, we have several techniques we use to join, or “match,” plywood panel faces. The match you select for your project is important, as it will shape the look and style of your project. Which one you select is a matter of preference, and we have several to choose from. End Match This technique […]