17Nov 2017
Matched Wood Veneer Edge Banding

Matched Wood Veneer Edge Banding For High-End Veneer Panels High-end veneer panels are used so extensively in sophisticated interior designs because they have many advantages over solid stock. Cross-laminated plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), and even economical particleboard veneer panels can be relied upon to remain warp-free after installation while providing a consistent flawless finish […]

17Nov 2017
accentuating wood veneer

Whether you are in the beginning process of building a room from the ground up, or simply looking to remodel an existing room, make sure you have features added in to help the new room stand out. Below are some examples of accentuating wood veneer with wire brushing. One thing that usually fades into the […]

03Nov 2017
Different Figure Types of Veneer

Figure refers to the appearance of texture that is created through the use of wavy, curved, or uneven patterns on veneers. Most of us are familiar with the appearance of wood grain, but you may not know that you can choose from a number of different figure types of veneer, including  textures, or figures. A quilted figure appears […]

26Oct 2017
Benefits of Ash Veneer

Ash trees grow in forests in Pennsylvania and upstate New York, in dense clusters which tend to encourage narrow vertical growth as the trees reach up to catch the sun. This characteristic of ash growth results in a beautiful, very strong grain pattern. Here are the benefits of ash veneer.  Resilience and Strength The resilience […]

26Oct 2017
Elements of Interior Design

The field of interior design concerns a ground-up approach in new space construction, and shouldn’t be confused with the closely related process of interior decorating, which applies to renovating and accessorizing a pre-built space. High-end plywood panels are an important element of both creative processes, but in this article, we’ll be focusing on ground-up elements […]

26Oct 2017
Custom Paneling is the Right Choice

  Custom paneling, whether for your walls, cabinets, trim, or wherever you choose to put it, is exactly what it sounds like: custom. Here at Plywood Express, we bring a strong competition to the wood paneling world. We have a huge selection of different woods and finishes to choose from brought in from all over the world, […]