08Mar 2018
Using Flexible Veneer to Enhance a Curved Wall

When you have a curved wall in your home, figuring out how to decorate that space can prove challenging. Hanging pictures or other types of artwork is difficult if not impossible. If you leave it as an everyday white wall, it will often look dull and uninteresting. You can paint the area or try to […]

23Jan 2018
Wood Panels Create Gorgeous Accent Walls

Interior accent walls are a familiar design element in many homes today. Instead of using paint or wallpaper, opt for high-end wood paneling to create sophistication and elegance in various rooms. In your master bedroom, select square wood panels as an alternative to the typical horizontal or vertical wooden slats regularly used to create an […]

17Jan 2018
Wire Brushed Oak

When choosing wood paneling as an accent to your new room or building, you may be looking for a way to make it stand out and add a distinctive, decorative touch. Oak is a beautiful and versatile wood that can be accented in a variety of ways to add charm and warmth to any room. […]

21Dec 2017
Custom Plywood Express Veneers

Since its existence, wood paneling was regarded by some as a slight decor sin. However, that sin is entirely unfounded. Proper use and creative structure of wood veneers can completely transform or beautify any space. This, combined with Plywood Express’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process and commitment to excellence, make the inclusion of wood panels, flexible veneers, doors […]

14Dec 2017
High pressure laminate

When selecting a product for your home or work space, it is important to consider your options and take a moment to focus on what is able to best meet your needs at an affordable price. High pressure laminate wall panels are durable and will stand the test of time, especially when looking at areas […]

07Dec 2017
Update Your Decor

If you’d like to add a high-end appearance and to update your decor without completely renovating your rooms, you can do so with custom-made wood panels. This stunning, high-end wood paneling can enhance your home and create distinction, which will set your decor apart from the norm. Places to Add Wood Panels For any frameless […]