Fire Rated

Fire rated wood is coated with a fire retardant that helps to delay or even prevent fires. This fire-resistant plywood is appropriate when building codes and public safety requirements is part of the project.


Available: MDF (Class A – Medite), MDF (Class B – Topical), MDF Ultra Lite (Class A and B – Topical), Particle Board (Class A – Duraflake), Plywood (Class A – Topical), Lumber (Class A – Topical). Fire rated plywood certificate available under request.

What is Inspecta-Shield Plus™?
Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is a durable, non-toxic, non-allergenic fire retardant chemical coating which is carried in an aguenous (water) solution. When completely dried and cured, it is both odorless and colorless and is visible only under a long wave ultra violet light. When applied and cured for 48 hours, Inspecta-Shield Plus™ will resist flame under the most adverse conditions.

When properly applied, Inspecta-Shield Plus™ meets or exceeds the criteria for a Class “A”rating on most materials.

How does Inspecta-Shield Plus™ work?
Fire spreads as the temperature of the heat source rises to the point of ignition. Initially, the spread is restricted to items in direct contact with the flame. However, when the temperature reaches 1400o degrees, all combustibles and gases ignite in a phenomenon called Flashover. Flashovers can occur in less than 3 minutes. By significantly increasing the ignition point of combustible items, Inspecta-Shield Plus™ drastically decreases the danger of fire.

How is Inspecta-Shield Plus™ different from other fire retardants?
Inspecta-Shield Plus™ can treat both natural and synthetic materials. It is visible under long wave UV light so that the initial application and any need for reapplication can easily be checked.Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is UV stable and has been demonstrated to significantly inhibit sun fading and sun rot.Inspecta-Shield Plus™ dries to an invisible durable protective shield with no residue or rings to change the esthetics of treated Items. When dry Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is non corrosive to metal.

Is Inspecta-Shield Plus™ safe to use?
Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and safe to use in areas of daily human contact. We suggest, however, that you use standard paint precaution such as allowing adequate ventilation, keeping it away from your face and eyes, and storing Inspecta-Shield Plus™ out of the reach of children.

How often does Inspecta-Shield Plus™ need to be reapplied?
Inspecta-Shield Plus™ is extremely durable and will not wear off or dry clean out.

What is a Class “A” fire retardant?
The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are two nationally recognized organizations which have developed tests selling standards of flammability. On a scale of 0-200 (least to most), only those materials with a flame spread of under 25 quality as Class “A” Fire Retardants.


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