UV Finish and UV Prime

  • UV Finish and UV Prime
  • UV Finish and UV Prime
  • UV Finish and UV Prime

UV Finishing is an attractive option for high-end quality wood finishers. Containing no organic solvents, there are no harmful emissions. Finished wood can be stacked immediately simplifying handling. Ultraviolet finishes cure incredibly fast permitting finishing lines to be shortened, line speeds increased and products to be immediately handled. A UV finish is exceptionally durable.


UV Finish features a clear, durable topcoat which is tough, resisting scrapes, chips and the effects of solvent wipe down.

Abrasive and impact resistance tests are superior to solvent based materials. Plywood Express is proud to offer our customers a more durable, stain resistant, and solvent-free finish.


Plywood Express also offer UV Prime service, available in MDF, Plywood in different sizes and thicknesses. Using High quality products we finish it off running through our sander giving panels the perfect texture and the ability for our customer to finish panel in many ways needed.

UV Prime

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