Overstock Sale! Several different products, from Cherry, Bamboo, Maple, Red Oak, Rosewood, and More!

1A. Cherry 5/8PlyPSA44×8Dom$59
1Bamboo Natural Star – Pref 1S 3/4PlyA44×8Dom$59
1Bamboo Caramel Wide 1/4PlyA44×8Dom$59
1Brazilian Cherry 1/4MDFPSA44×8Dom$59
1Coconut Panel 3/4PlyA44×7Dom$99
1Curly Maple – Cross Grain 3/4PlyPSA48×4Dom$59
1Ebony Brookside (Maple Back) 3/4MDFQCA34×8Dom$59
1Ebony Composite 3/4MDFQCA45×8Dom$59
1Ebony Natural (Maple Back) – Pref 2S 3/4MDFQCA34×8Dom$250
1Eucalyptus Fig’d 3/4MDF ULQCA14×8Dom$79
1Eucalyptus Fig’d 3/4MDF ULQCA44×8Dom$79
1Grey Ash Dyed – Cross 3/4MDF ULQCA410×8Dom$59
1Lacewood 1/4MDFRCA44×8Dom$59
2Maple 1/2MDF ULRCA44×8Dom$49
1Maple 1/2MDFPSA44×10Dom$59
1Maple Sketch (4 squares) 3/4MDFQCA44×8Dom$59
2Red Oak 1/4PlyPSA44×8Dom$59
1Rosewood (Randon Match)-Maple Back 3/4MDF ULPSA34×8Dom$159
1Sapele 1/4PlyQCA44X8Dom$59
1Sapele 1/4MDFQCA44×8Dom$59
1Teak 1/4MDFQCA44×8 Dom$59
1Teak – Pref 1S 3/4PlyQCA44×8Dom$59
1Wenge Star 1/4MDFQCA44×10Dom$59
1White Liner – 1 side 1/2Ply1S4×8IMP$20
1White Oak Rift 3/4MDFRiftA14×8Dom$59
1White Oak Star – Pref 1S 3/4PlyQCA44×8Dom$59
1Zebra Star 1/4MDFQCA44×8Dom$59
2Zebra Star 3/4MDFQCA14×8Dom$59
2Zebra Natural – Cross Grain 3/4MDFQCA48×4Dom$59

Limited number of items. Valid while supplies last.

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