CDX is a type of plywood made up of thin veneer sheets glued and bonded together by bonding layers. “C” in CDX means one side of the plywood is Grade C and the other is Grade D. “X” stands for exposure, which is the type of glue used to bond the plywood. There are different […]

The substrate, the base upon which veneer is applied, plays a crucial role in the quality and durability of your project. Choosing the ideal substrate is about meeting the specific demands of your project, such as strength, desired finish, and budget. Each option offers unique advantages, and the right choice can make all the difference […]

When designing architectural spaces, one of the most challenging tasks is finding the balance between natural wood tones and vibrant colors. Combining these elements can often seem complicated, resulting in a disjointed and unharmonious look. However, Dyed Veneer provides a solution for simplifying vibrant color combinations with natural wood tones. Dyed Veneer is an exclusive […]

Discover the versatility and style of black MDF for your woodworking and interior projects. What is Black MDF and How to Use It Black MDF, or black medium-density fiberboard, shares the same properties as regular MDF. The difference lies in the unique manufacturing process, where the entire board is dyed black. The end result is […]

Balancing the growing demand for wood panels with environmental responsibility is crucial to tackle industry challenges and promote sustainability. Discover how the Guararapes brand has become an elegant and sustainable choice for your project. Eco-Efficiency Benchmark In 2023, Guararapes achieved significant milestones toward a more sustainable production: Reduced water consumption in its manufacturing units. Investment […]


In the woodworking and interior design industry, the pursuit of innovative and high-quality materials is essential to ensure successful projects. In this article, we will explore the latest innovations in wood panels, highlighting advanced technologies that elevate the standard of excellence in residential and corporate projects.   Antimicrobial Protection Known as NANOXClean® technology, this protection […]

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    FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an organization that manages and controls “the use of the forest” so everyone can get what they need in an Eco-friendly way. This membership-led organization sets standards under which forests and companies are certified. Being a member consists of three chambers — environmental, economic, and social — to […]

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The wavy textures that run across the face of the veneer is known as the figure. The figure gives the impression that the surface is smooth but not even. How is this effect created? This effect is created through the wrinkling in a formation of a wave on the growth rings. Many people have some […]

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Updating curved areas inside your home to give them more appeal can sometimes feel like a challenge. Wallpaper can appear dated, and paint often looks too dull. However, a solution does exist. If you have any curved architecture in your home, consider curved veneer panels that look like stunning pieces of wood. Examples of Places […]

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Wood panels are constructed by joining multiple veneer leaves, and there are several ways the leaves can be joined, or “matched,” within each panel. Some veneer matching techniques use the grain to create new patterns such as diamonds, while other methods highlight the natural grain direction. Book Match Every other veneer leaf in a panel is flipped, […]