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When you hear the phrase ‘veneer wood’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s ‘cheaply made product that’s inferior to real wood’, you’d be wrong! In reality, the advantages of wood veneer often outranks ‘real’ wood options.

The Process Makes it Stronger

Using a water-proof adhesive, 1/32 inch pieces of wood are glued together over a thick, stable core. The pieces of wood are laid with their grains at 90 degree angles to each other, which allows the wood to have a strength regular wood doesn’t, and makes it more resistant to splitting and splintering with age. The adhesive is also used in the marine and aircraft manufacturing industries, so you know it’s going to be strong and last.

It’s Environmentally Sound

The process used to make this wood allows a manufacturer to get more usable product out of a single piece of wood. This helps reduce waste and allows the suppliers to meet demands, while leaving more trees to mature in the meantime. The process can also turn normally unsound wood, such as burls, into a strong and usable product.


The logs selected to make veneer are often the most beautiful of the lot, which results in a product that truly shines for years. The process also allows manufacturers to create stunning designs with the woods, most of which would not be possible with regular wood. The stresses of temp extremes and moisture would cause regular wood to crack or swell at the various seams, while veneered wood will hold up to these extremes with ease.

When you use veneer wood products, you’re getting a product that’s going to offer you stability and beauty for a lifetime. Request your free quote and browse our selection today!

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  1. I like that you mentioned that wood accent wall paneling can be produced in a way that maximized the amount of material used in every piece of wood being processed. I think getting this kind of paneling on my bedroom would make my walls calming to look at. I hope they could also give my bedroom a subtle earthy scent.


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