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If you’re asking yourself what ‘edge banding’ is, you’ve probably come across it hundreds of times not realizing it.

What is it?

Edge banding, or sometimes edgebanding, is both the name of a product AND the process used to apply it. Essentially, edge banding is what happens when thin strips of material are bonded to the rough, unfinished edges of wood.

Where is it used?

Plywood edge banding can be used on just about any wood product, but it’s generally used in carpentry and cabinetry. Cabinet doors, bookcases, shelves — pretty much anything that has an edge is a good candidate for having banding applied.

Why is it used?

Many plywood, veneer, and even regular wood products can have a rough and unsightly edge to them. The process of edge banding helps to cover these rough edges, which can help protect consumers from abrasions as well as protect the product from excess and unnecessary wear and tear. Applying banding to the edges can also give pieces a much more polished look, adding to the beauty and usefulness of the item.

How do we do it?

Plywood edge banding can be applied either by hand or a machine. DIY projects, for example, or small workshops would probably be more inclined to do edgebanding by hand, while a large manufacturer would be more productive having a machine handle the process.

Self-made bands are usually applied with glues and clamps, while commercially produced banding pieces are made with a hot-melt adhesive that requires less work, mess, and time. Commercially made bands also tend to be thinner and more flexible, which can allow for greater versatility in what the product is used for. Rounded edges and curves are a great example of what you might use commercial banding for.

Plywood edge banding can also be made of many different materials — wood and wood veneer are obvious choices, but they can also be made of melamine, acrylic, ABS, or even PVC! It all just depends on the look you’re going for, and what the product will be used for.

For examples of what great edge banding looks like, come check out or product catalog, or drop us a line to get a free quote on any work you might be planning!

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  1. Hi
    Can you provide a coloured fire rated edge-banding tape for FD30 and FD60 fire doors.
    I do believe there is a PVC product available ?
    Darren Hutton


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