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When it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions regarding wood, contractors and homeowners alike look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. But what does the FSC label truly mean when it comes to Responsibly Sourced Wood?

By purchasing FSC certified wood, consumers help to combat deforestation. Rather than stopping the use of wood altogether, the FSC promotes good forestry practices and sends a message that sustainability matters to consumers. The FSC logo on wood products ensure that they were made with wood that either comes from an FSC certified forest or post-consumer waste.

The Forest Stewardship Council is constantly working to both improve forest management, and provide environmentally friendly solutions for manufacturers and businesses that utilize wood in their products and services. Deforestation is one of the leading causes of things like climate change and pollution, accounting for almost 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Responsible forest management solutions include:

  • Protecting Fragile Ecosystems
  • Respecting Native Cultures and Economies
  • Preventing Illegal Logging
  • Monitoring the “Chain of Custody,” or making sure that the wood you are purchasing actually comes from an FSC certified forest.

Taking the initiative to use responsibly sourced wood in your next project is an action that serves as an investment in the future of the planet. The purchase of FSC certified wood sends a clear message that these types of materials matter to consumers.

One of the best things about FSC certified wood is the comparable price. While availability still primarily dictates the cost of wood products, the use of FSC certified wood will not break the bank. If you are interested in learning more about FSC certified products, and where to purchase them, please contact us.

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