Wood furniture has a lot of advantages; it’s solid, beautiful, long-lasting, and it comes in an almost endless variety of options. However, one thing wood products aren’t known for is their ability to resist fire. Whether it’s a desk, a cabinet, or any other piece of wooden furniture, fire is its greatest weakness. So, what is a fire-rated wood product?

Most of the time, anyway.

If you want to have all the advantages of a wood product, but you also want to be sure it can take the heat, then what you need is a fire-rated wood product.

fire-rated wood product

What Is A Fire-Rated Wood Product?

The short answer is that a fire-rated wood product is one that has been constructed, and tested, in such a way as to ensure it will resist a certain amount of fire for a given amount of time. There are various ratings and standards for products around the world, and different countries have different ratings, but they all share a certain commonality. There is a temperature factor, a time factor, and a level of endurance which must be displayed.

If you want to buy a fire-rated wood product, it’s important for you to understand what the rating it has means, and to know who set the standard. For additional help in choosing the fire-rated wood product that’s right for you and your needs, simply contact us today and get a quote on fire retardant plywood!

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