A forest is a life-sustaining renewable resource until that forest is gone. When the world community failed to establish regulations to mitigate commercial deforestation at the Earth Summit in 1992, a group of forward-thinking businesses, environmental scientists and advocates, and community leaders brought their own practical solution to the table. In 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council held its first General Assembly. The criteria they developed for responsible forest management have enabled many forests, communities, and businesses to continue to thrive for the last 20 years.

Forest Stewardship Council

With a presence in over 80 countries, the FSC’s initiatives are a benefit to communities and businesses worldwide. Forest Stewardship Council Wood Certification means that a business adheres to these 10 underlying principles that prioritize preservation of the world’s forests for future generations.

  • Compliance with laws, international treaties and agreements, and all FSC Principles and Criteria.
  • Legally established and clearly documented land and forest use rights.
  • Recognition and respect for Indigenous Peoples’ rights to own, use, and manage their land and resources.
  • Maintain or improve the well-being of workers and local communities.
  • Encourage balanced and efficient economic, environmental, and social use of forest resources.
  • Conservation of forest diversity, landscapes, and ecosystems.
  • A clearly defined and documented forest management plan.
  • Monitoring and assessment of activities, yields, and social and environmental impacts.
  • Usage of a cautionary approach in the maintenance of high conservation value forests.
  • Planning and management of plantations as a means to promote conservation of natural forests.

“The US Forest Service estimates 12 million acres of forest in the Southeast will be lost to suburban real estate development between 1992 – 2020” – Forest Stewardship Council

As a FSC Certified Business, Plywood Express joins the 4,201 companies with FSC Chain-of-Custody certification and over 40,000 FSC Certified American family forest owners. These are companies committed to sustainable forest management practices. They are helping to ensure that release of toxic chemicals and pesticides into the environment is minimized, wildlife habitats are preserved, and landowners and their communities can continue to benefit from their local, natural abundance. Contact us today to find out how our quality FSC-certified wood products give you the opportunity to participate in safeguarding the future of our forests.

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