Maybe you have just moved into a new home or maybe the home you live in is in serious need of an update. Whatever the reason, your kitchen has to go. If you are looking to upgrade that kitchen, the clean lines and sleek appearance of modern kitchen design are very popular right now. Here are three hallmarks of a clean, contemporary kitchen interior design.

Modern Kitchen Design

A No-Frills Approach

Where traditional cabinets may have scrollwork or frames around drawers and doors, the modern look favors a clean, flat surface. Finishes may be glossy or matte, but there is a marked absence of frill or ornamentation. 

The Simplest Answer Is Usually The Best

While more traditional cabinetry may feature any thing from a simple, rounded pull, to a fancy designer pull for opening cabinets and drawers, modern design tends to prefer a minimalist approach. Straight, narrow, cylindrical pulls are favored on this type of cabinetry, although, more and more designers are opting for no pull at all. Many designers now prefer finger-pull cabinet doors which only require slipping a finger beneath the edge of the cabinet door to open.

High End All The Way

Modern design is gives a space a very high-end feel. That may be because it is favored by high-end clientele. The custom-made cabinetry requires custom-made wood panels. Whatever the case, modern furniture and cabinetry is usually considered to be well-made. 

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