The Melamine Advantage

The Melamine Advantage

Melamine is a popular overlay for MDF or particle board panels. Formed with a hard resin, thermoset to a paper base, melamine panels are a versatile cost-effective option for adding texture and color to any design. Melamine is manufactured with bonding pressures of 300-500 pounds per square inch. The melamine sheet is then thermoset to a decorative paper laminate at high temperature. The result is a waterproof, durable plastic sheet, available in a wide selection of textures and natural wood grains.

Pannellis by Cleaf : Melamine Over Particle Board Panels 

For wainscoting, walls, and other large surface area applications our Pannellis by Cleaf melamine over particle board panels are available in 62 sq.ft panels. The melamine wall panels are offered in three thicknesses, 25mm, 18mm, and 8mm. The melamine surface is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and gives the economical particle board panel a durable and attractive finish. 

New Colors in stock!

Bellissima by Finsa:  Melamine Over MDF Panels

At Plywood Express we carry a variety of textured melamine panels to suit any project or design requirement. Our top of the line Bellissima Panels by Finsa are an economical way to incorporate the textures of natural wood grains into your designs.

Bellissima panels consist of melamine over MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is the better choice in panel substrates when further machining or fabrication is required. That makes our Bellissima textured melamine sheets perfect for household and office furniture and cabinets, as well as wall paneling. Matched banding is available for edging to maintain waterproof integrity of the MDF after cutting, and to unify the design theme of the space. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. That is why melamine now is mostly used in today’s kitchen cabinets.

  2. Why no melamine panels that would be pretty in a laundry room application? I don’t want fake wood grain look, but either a tileboard or an attractive patterned smooth print. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!!!

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