Architectural Panels 101

Architectural Wood Panels 101: Architectural paneling offers the finishing design to a home. When choosing veneers, it’s beneficial to start with the design. So you narrow your search and can focus on panel material.


Contemporary wood panels are a growing architectural trend right now, blending natural elements such as Rough Cut Veneers with modern clean, crisp lines. Wood or laminate are great material options for a contemporary feel. 


A growing trend commercial and residential architecture is the industrial look. Metallic smooth lines as Wilsonart decorative metal are combined with the supple and warm vibrancy of wood or even the beautiful elegance of brick and stone to create a modern, indestructible feel. 


While modern is on the rise, the traditional design will forever be a go-to for many home owners, as well as some businesses. Some wood veneers that are frequently requested for traditional designs are Walnut, Sapele and Khaya Mahogany.

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