Benefits of Ash Veneer

Ash trees grow in forests in Pennsylvania and upstate New York, in dense clusters which tend to encourage narrow vertical growth as the trees reach up to catch the sun. This characteristic of ash growth results in a beautiful, very strong grain pattern. Here are the benefits of ash wood veneer.

Resilience and Strength

The resilience of ash has made it the wood of choice for craftsman and artisans throughout the centuries. Perhaps its most reputable use is in the crafting of major league quality baseball bats, where the ash wood’s vertical grain provides the strength and endurance to smack an incoming 100 mph baseballover the wall up to 400 feet and more. Baseball players treasure their finely honed ash bats. Legendary slugger Ted Williams actually bathed his bats in alcohol to keep them crisp and cool during his many hot hitting streaks, according to this article at How Products are Made.

Ash Veneers

Aside from baseball bats, the 16″-20″ diameter of a mature harvested ash trunk provides a fine billet for cutting veneers. The smooth dense grain rivals maple in natural beauty. Naturally light in tone, ash’s fine grain is perfect for velvety satin and high-gloss finishes. When several ash veneer layers are laminated together, ash’s incredible flexibility is enhanced even further, making it the prime wood of choice for some very unique woodworking projects.

Bent-wood Ash Bicycle Basket

Industrial Designer Faris Elmasu chose ash over maple to meet the challenge of his San Jose State University design curriculum. Elmasu was required to manufacture a product using just one single manufacturing process, according to this article at Woodworking Network. 

Elmasu chose to produce a gracefully curved bicycle basket inspired by curved-radius wood furniture and exotic skateboards to meet the challenge. The article goes on to report that the ash used for the unique product was subjected to an incredible 2000 psi during the shaping process required to produce the opulent curves of the finished basket. 

Ash Veneers at Plywood Express

For bats, baskets, fine furniture, and ornate paneling, ash is a time-tested top quality material for discerning artisans and craftsmen. At Plywood Express we’re standing by with high-end ash wood veneers and more, all ready for your next woodworking project, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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