Matched Wood Veneer Edge Banding

Matched Wood Veneer Edge Banding For High-End Veneer Panels

High-end veneer panels are used so extensively in sophisticated interior designs because they have many advantages over solid stock. Cross-laminated plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), and even economical particleboard veneer panels can be relied upon to remain warp-free after installation while providing a consistent flawless finish that solid wood stock can’t guarantee. Final trimming of exposed panel edges with matched edge banding is the final touch used to replicate the appearance of solid wood.

No Special Tools Required for Plywood Edge Finishing

Wood veneer edge banding comes in rolls, either pre-glued or non-glued. The adhesive for the glue-on banding is heat activated with a clothing iron set at high temperature. With the banding centered over the exposed panel edge, the iron is worked along sealing the edge banding in place. A sharp chisel or edge trimmer is used to remove the excess material. Matched edge banding is pre-sanded and prefinished so trimming is complete after this simple two-step process.

For radical curves found on custom-designed furniture or countertops, a heat gun can be used to activate the backing adhesive with a solid roller used to press the edge banding firmly in place.

Edge Banding vs Solid Wood Edges

The iron-on application of edge banding has many advantages over solid wood edges, and even non-glue edge banding is more flexible than any solid wood edge.

  • First and foremost is the consistent color and grain matching to the veneer panel which results in the solid visual effect we’re looking for.
  • Edge Banding is so thin and flexible that it’s much easier to apply and doesn’t stand out like solid wood edges with thicknesses of ¼” or more.
  • There is no glue seepage or clamping involved, even around radiused edges.

More Design Options With Edge Banding

Unifying the overall design theme is a priority in any high-end interior design. Wood veneer edge banding allows the use of matched high-end veneer panels throughout the design from walls and wainscoting to custom blended furniture. When further milling or cutting of veneer panels is required onsite, edge banding provides the finishing touches that highlight the craftsmanship of a fine design.

At Plywood Express we have the high-end veneer panels and matched wood veneer edge banding you need for your own sophisticated interior designs so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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