Wood Species For Your Wine Cellar

You love wine, and you’re ready to showcase your collection by building a wine cellar. Only certain wood species are suitable for the wine cellar environment. Three popular choices are Pine, Redwood, and Mahogany. When choosing between these wine cellar woods, you should consider your budget and decor preferences. You will also need to take into consideration whether or not your cellar will be temperature-controlled.


Pine’s natural color is very light, and its knots give it a rustic appearance. Pine easily absorbs and retains stain, allowing you to customize the wood, if desired. Pine is a soft, light-weight wood, and may scratch and dent more easily than other wood species. Pine is a good choice for wine cellars that will not be temperature-controlled, as it does not hold up well in humidity. It is also an economical choice. 


Redwood can withstand humid conditions, and is resistant to moisture, making it a good choice for temperature-controlled cellars. Redwood is a “clear” wood, meaning it is free of knots. It is darker than Pine, and does not absorb stain as easily. Unfinished Redwood is beautiful as-is, and has undertones ranging from pink to red.


Mahogany is a hard, durable wood. It will not scratch or dent easily, and it will hold up beautifully in humid conditions. Mahogany has reddish-brown undertones. It will easily absorb the stain color of your choice, or it can be left natural. The beauty of Mahogany is timeless and elegant. It is truly a premium wood choice.

A wine cellar displays and protects the investment you’ve made in your collection. If you need help deciding which type of wood species would be best for your cellar, please contact us today. 

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