Update Your Decor

If you’d like to add a high-end appearance and to update your decor without completely renovating your rooms, you can do so with custom-made wood panels. This stunning, high-end wood paneling can enhance your home and create distinction, which will set your decor apart from the norm.

Places to Add Wood Panels

  • For any frameless doorways in your home, such as one that leads to a hallway or a kitchen, add wood panels to the interior of the entryway. White or light gray panels look gorgeous, especially if your entry has an arch. The wood will add an impressive, European flair to your home.
  • If you have built-in bookcases in your home with wall space between the cases, install wood panels in those spaces to connect your built-ins and make the entire area look like one ultra-expensive unit. Use a matching color for a continuous flow or try a hue that’s slightly different to add extra interest.
  • In a room with a coffered ceiling, consider installing contrasting wood panels in the recesses. If your beams are brown or gray, then opt for white wood panels. If your ceiling beams are white, then use brown wood panels.
  • You can even design a piece of art with wood panels. Select different colors and sizes and arrange them in a geometric pattern. Such a display will look exceptional over a sofa or a bed. Because you’ve created a unique arrangement, you won’t find this exact piece of art in any other home.
  • Use wood panels to create an accent wall in the living room or dining room. For a contemporary look, paint the panels in multiple colors and hang them horizontally. Or you can use different shades of the same color for a more sophisticated and traditional look.
  • If you have a separate bar area in your family room or an entertainment space, consider using wood panels to line the wall behind the bar or use a lesser amount for a backsplash. This design will complete the look of the area and enhance the bar space more than a painted wall.
  • For rooms where one flows into another, such a family room and a kitchen, you can use wood panels to create a visual division between the rooms. Merely install panels on one section of a shared wall. The wood should go from the floor to the ceiling, while you custom-select the width you desire for the best look.

By installing wood panels in different areas of your home, you can add distinctive and expensive-looking finishes to your space. For additional information on how wood panels can enhance your decor, please contact us today.

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