Using Flexible Veneer to Enhance a Curved Wall

When you have a curved wall in your home, figuring out how to decorate that space can prove challenging. Hanging pictures or other types of artwork is difficult if not impossible. If you leave it as an everyday white wall, it will often look dull and uninteresting. You can paint the area or try to hang wallpaper, but that might not give it as much of an upscale look as you want.

However, an excellent option for enhancing the appearance of curved walls is now available to homeowners. You can use a flexible veneer product on the wall. Just select the type of wood veneer that will coordinate with the rest of your decor for the ideal look. Or even choose a contrasting wood to make the area a gorgeous focal point in your home.

The look of wood always adds value to any home and has been a favorite feature with homeowners for decades. Even so, you won’t find many homes with a wall of wood along the curved walls. A curved, wood veneer wall will make your home more unique and impressive than most others.

Because the veneer is flexible, it will bond flawlessly to the curvature of the wall and create a striking appearance in your space. Flexible veneer products are quite durable. They won’t split or crack and so will remain gorgeous looking for years to come. You, as well as your family, will love the distinctive appearance that a flexible wood veneer wall will give to your home. Also, the stunning look of this wood will awe everyone else who enters your house. It will make you proud to show off this design element to all of your visitors.

For more information on flexible veneer and how to use it throughout the rooms of your residence, please contact us today.

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  1. Please send info on flexible veneer for curved 19”x108” wall

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