Matching Veneer Leaves

Matching Veneer Leaves

Wood panels are constructed by joining multiple veneer leaves, and there are several ways the leaves can be joined, or “matched,” within each panel. Some veneer matching techniques use the grain to create new patterns such as diamonds, while other methods highlight the natural grain direction.

Book Match

Every other veneer leaf in a panel is flipped, creating pairs of leaves that are mirror images of each other. Book Matching allows for maximum continuity of the wood’s grain.

Slip Match

Similar to Book Match, but the veneer leaves are not flipped. Instead, each leaf is joined side-by-side to create a panel. The resulting look is a straight repetition of the grain pattern.

Random Match

As the name suggests, the veneers are joined together randomly within each panel, resulting in a rustic aesthetic. There is no grain continuity within a panel, and veneer widths may vary.

Diamond Match & Reversed Diamond Match

These decorative techniques use square or rectangular veneers with a straight grain. In Diamond Match, four leaves are joined so that the grain forms a diamond across the entire panel. In Reversed Diamond Match, the four leaves are flipped outward, so the grain creates a series of “V” shapes that spread out from the center of the panel.

Sunburst Match

This is another decorative method but uses triangular-shaped leaves which are joined together like slices of pie. The skinniest point of each leaf meets at the center of the panel. The leaves are arranged so that the grain forms a sunburst on the panel, increasing in size from the center outwards. This is a bold, dramatic match.

Whether you choose a decorative veneer face like Diamond Match or a more rustic Random Match, we can make your project’s vision a reality. At Plywood Express, our modern equipment allows us to cut veneer leaves up to 12 feet long, allowing you to customize your panels. Please contact us today to get started.

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