Choosing A Substrate

Choosing a wood substrate is one of the first choices you’ll make during planning. Medium Density Fiberboard, Plywood, and Particle Board are all high-quality choices that vary in attributes, appearance, and price. Here’s what you need to know about each wood substrate:

Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium Density Fiberboard, commonly referred to as “MDF,” consists of highly refined wood particles. The panels are dense and are also available in lightweight. This substrate resists dents, and because it lacks a grain or knots, its surface is smooth.  We carry both moisture resistant panels, and panels with no formaldehyde added. Compared to plywood and particleboard, MDF cuts and handles closer to solid wood.


Because Plywood is made by layering wood veneers, it has a visible grain. It is a durable wood substrate and can bear heavier loads. One of Plywood’s best attributes is that it holds screws firmly. Due to the use of multiple wood veneers in each panel, Plywood may contain variations in flatness and thickness. We carry both fire rated and marine grade plywood. Besides sourcing domestic Plywood, we also source from South America and Europe. If you want a strong substrate that has the appearance of solid wood, Plywood is a perfect choice.

Particle Board

Particle Board is often the most economic wood floor substrate choice, but that doesn’t mean quality is being sacrificed. Particle Board is made from wood particles, but they are not as refined as MDF. With a smooth surface, Particle Board can be counted on to provide uniform thickness and remain flat. Particle Board’s ability to create tight edges makes it an excellent choice for cabinets.

Understanding the difference between wood substrates is key to choosing the best one for your project. If you need help deciding between MDF, Plywood, and Particle Board, please contact us at Plywood Express and check out our plywood substrate options.

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  3. […] substrate is the layer installed between the top and the bottom layer. You don’t always need it, but it is […]

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