Flexible Veneers

Updating curved areas inside your home to give them more appeal can sometimes feel like a challenge. Wallpaper can appear dated, and paint often looks too dull. However, a solution does exist. If you have any curved architecture in your home, consider curved veneer panels that look like stunning pieces of wood.

Examples of Places to Use Flexible Veneers

* Curved Wall — If you have a curved wall in your home that doesn’t hold a lot of interest, turn it into a gorgeous accent wall with flexible wood veneers. You’ll enjoy the dramatic and expensive look of wood and marvel at how it enhances your entire decor.

* Round Column — Why settle for an ordinary column when you can have a luxurious-looking one? For any round support columns in your home, flexible veneers will give them a wooden appearance that will turn each one into an actual decorator item that you’ll love.

* Arched Doorway or Ceiling — Give doorways and even ceilings that are curved a striking look with flexible veneers. For traditional and Old World architecture especially, the appearance of wood around arched entries and in select areas where you have a curved ceiling will create an impressive design feature in your home.

* Semi-round Bar or Island — Even built-in items with curved surfaces can benefit from flexible wood veneers. If the front of your bar area has a curve or a curve exists in the design of your kitchen island, you can update the appearance with flexible veneers. The beautiful wooden look will immediately impress everyone who sees it. 

Flexible wood veneers won’t crack. They also won’t expand or contract with temperature changes, making them the perfect choice for curved architecture. The spectacular look of wood in your residence will increase the enjoyment and value of your home. For additional information about flexible veneers and where you can use them, please contact us today.

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