Veneer Figure Types

The wavy textures that run across the face of the veneer is known as the figure. The figure gives the impression that the surface is smooth but not even. How is this effect created? This effect is created through the wrinkling in a formation of a wave on the growth rings. Many people have some understanding of how wood grain looks and feels, but many people are not aware that there are several types of veneer figures and maple grain patterns that can be chosen. We know that this can cause some confusion when you need a special type of veneer, and the issue becomes even more confusing when you are making an order but you cannot see what you will get before you place the order.

Veneer Figure Types

Bird’s Eye– This name can actually speak for itself. This veneer figure is produced by a depression in the trunk. This depression begins to distort the growth rings that are succeeding. As a result, you can see images of eye patterns that only occur in a small number of trees. The bird’s eye figure type will be found mostly in northern maples.

Curly– This veneer figure looks like a surging wave pattern that is produced due to the reflection of light that occurs when there are contortions in the grain. One of the most common tree types that develop the Curly veneer figure is Maple.

Fiddleback-This veneer figure type refers to the tight appearance that is produced across the grain. Three of the most common producers of Fiddleback are Anegre, Mahogany, and Maple.

Quilted-The quilted figure is a bigger version of blister or pommele. In the quilted figure, the blister looks to be extended and full. As a result, the figure looks to have a 3D effect. This figure is also common in Maples, along with Sapele, Mahogany, and Moabi.

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