Substrate MDF

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood made up of wood fibers, creating panels under high pressure and high temperatures. MDF is extremely versatile used for its strength, durability, and consistency. MDF has a smooth and flat surface, making it great for wall paneling and cabinet doors.

Regular MDF

Regular MDF is composed of refined wood chips, and is typically denser and heavier than plywood. Regular MDF has lower modules of elasticity, meaning it is a very stiff material.

MDF Ultra Lite

MDF Ultra Lite has the same properties as regular MDF, but it is lighter in weight and less dense, making it easier to handle. MDF Ultra Lite is most used for non-structural applications where weight and density matters.

Colored MDF

Colored MDF has the same properties as regular MDF but it can provide designers, architects, and woodworkers with a colorful substrate to add personality to specific projects.

Moisture Resistant

Moisture resistant MDF is designed for use in humid conditions. It Is best used in interior buildings where moisture is a concern, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

No Added Formaldehyde

MDF can be specified as NAF, meaning they have the lowest level of formaldehyde content. Formaldehyde is a chemical compound made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon; in large amounts it can be harmful for the environment.

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Fire Rated

Fire Rated MDF is developed specifically for situations where fire enhanced performance is required under building regulations. Fire Rated MDF will slow down the flame spread if a fire were to occur.

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Exterior Grade MDF

Exterior grade MDF is engineered with greater density and strength making them more durable than regular MDF. These panels are resistant to moisture, termites, and fungus.


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