A recreation vehicle is just not all about fun. A lot of work is in place to ensure that it does not lose its functionality. It can either be done by professionals or as a DIY project which saves a lot! Recreational vehicles can either be new or older RV construction.
It is important to understand how RVs are built. Getting a glimpse of the problems surrounding RVs also helps in knowing what technique to use.

Facts about RV Wood Paneling

• RV wood paneling is thinner than other types of paneling (measures 1/8 inch thick).
• 3/16” and 1/4” are thicker versions that are rarely used.
• The face layers are made of softwood. This is because they are covered with wallpaper before installation.
• Finding an exact wood panel matching a wallpaper can be difficult.
Installing Wood Paneling in RVs


wood panels

Among the many available options for RV, paneling is wood paneling. Once the frames are in position, installing the wood paneling is the next step. Composite plywood is the kind of plywood used in RVs. It comprises different types of wood pressed together. The outcome is a large sheet, where the inner layers are made of cheap wood.

Most recreational vehicle manufacturers use plywood and oriented strand board structural panels for the RVs. The wood paneling is applied to:
• Floors
• Bed boards
• Countertops
• Cabinets
• Shelving
• Doors
• Wall lining
• Seats
• Roof decking
• Miscellaneous bracing and decking

The wood paneling is made strong by ensuring the wood grains of the boards used are perpendicular. Other than ensuring it cannot break easily, the wood paneling gives the RV a comfortable and homely vibe.

The walls ooze a natural look and painting, decoration, wallpapers, and hanging decorative items can be done. It is very easy to customize wood paneling. The lightweight wood paneling helps in reducing fuel consumption. Safety in the RV is also contributed by the wood paneling features such as panel strength, impact resistance, and stiffness.

Wood paneling is however faced with one problem. It is vulnerable to water damage where molding and rotting can occur. Precautionary measures are highly recommended to ensure it is not prone to wetness.

Working on Damages on the Wood Paneling in RVs

Solving roof leaks if they are done before paneling. Roof leaks are identified by checking the air conditioning unit, seams, vents, and any other object that pierces the roof such as screws. Wetting the roof is a technique that used to identify areas with water puddles. It is done in cases where the leaks are not visible.

Depending on the place and damage, wood paneling damages in RVs can be replaced or not. Wood paneling that is in hidden places like behind the oven on inside cabinet walls might be left out. The damaged part can be removed and leave it like that. However, if the damage is excessive, it can be covered with door skin. For the wall cabinets, the patch can be cut to the full size of the cabinet.
Installing new or replacing visible wood paneling in RVs is a bit more tedious and complicated than the bonding of the structures. It is also contributed by the furnishing therein. Getting quality materials, the right working tools, and insights on how to go about paneling guarantees homely and cozy RV.

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  1. Hello,
    We are looking to match the paneling that is already in our trailer. We are looking paneling for our cabinets. We have some that is damaged and would like to replace it.

    A. Pelley


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