Wood furniture is available in two types; wood veneers and solid wood. It can be hard to differentiate between the two from far. However, there are notable differences that are useful in helping a user decide on their choice. For the solid wood furniture, it is made from solid wood while the wood veneer furniture has a thin layer of natural wood attached to an inner panel.

Defining Real Wood Veneer

Real wood veneer is a thin natural wood measuring less than 1/40” in thickness. It is attached to materials such as fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, mdf, and any other thicker hardwood pieces by gluing, pressing, or lamination. The real wood veneer gives an illusion and appearance of an all-wood material for a piece. However, it is only the surface of the piece that consists of the wood material.

Instead of sawing the wood veneer into thick boards, they are sliced thin to avoid wasting any material. Different cutting techniques can be used to achieve a variety of grain patterns. Wood veneers can be rift cut, quarter sawn, rotary cut, or plain sawn depending on the needs at hand.

Benefits of Real Wood Veneer

  • Furniture pieces made from real wood veneers are durable. This is because they are not prone to aging effects as depicted by solid wood pieces. They are also not prone to warping or splitting because only the furniture piece is not made from a wood- design.
  • The wood veneer furniture has an even grain pattern appearance. It is easy to locate a pattern and work on or incorporate it into the furniture aesthetics. It is possible because the real wood veneer slices are glued or pressed to the particleboard or fiberboard.
  • Cleaning and maintaining furniture pieces made with real wood veneer is easy. All it requires is wiping the dust or dirt with a damp or dry cloth.

Real Wood Veneer Application

  1. Real wood veneers are commonly used in furniture, doors, and wood cabinets, wood paneling. – kitchen, closets, bathrooms, wine cellars, elevator interiors, wall paneling and more.
  2. They are incorporated into display fixtures by upscale retailers ……restaurants, hotels, bars, hospitals, airports, condo, boats, airplanes… etc.
  3. Designers and architects incorporate real wood veneer into their plans as an accent or complete interior.
  4. They are used in all types of craft and woodworking businesses.
  5. Other industries that have found a way to incorporate real wood veneer into their products include; signage companies, lighting companies, musical instrument companies, custom yacht makers, RV, and audiophile speaker manufacturers among others.


Real wood veneers offer more options to their users. Different wood types can be expensive or unstable in their solid form. Other than affordability, real wood veneer enables a user to choose an exotic wood piece and have stability as well an array of designs.

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