Plywood veneer is a class of engineered wood used in a variety of woodworking projects. One might wonder what its composition is and why exactly one chooses it over hardwood. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about plywood veneer and when to use it.

Need To Know About Plywood Veneer

Composition of Plywood Veneer

Popular logs of the highest quality journey to the manufacturer to begin the process of slicing. During production plywood veneer wastes little wood because of the size of the blade used in the manufacturing of the product. Depending of the species of wood used the grain of each layer is unique. The veneered plywood panels are sliced as thin as 1/40 of an inch and glued together.

Types and Grades 

  • Raw: No backing on this veneer and either side may face up when used.
  • Reconstituted Veneer: These sheets are laminated together to form a block. The block is sliced so that the edges become the grain which is visible.
  • Laid Up: Veneer joined together from raw pieces to make larger pieces.
  • Paper Backed: Backed with paper and manufactured in different quantities.
  • Phenolic Backed: Preferred veneer when used on a curved product. Also used on composite or manmade veneers.
  • Wood on Wood: 2 ply decorative face with a utility grade wood backer applied at an opposing direction to the face veneer.
  • A-Premium
  • 1-Good
  • 2-Sound
  • G1S
  • Shop

Plywood Veneer Benefits

When compared to hardwood, plywood transcends the durability solid wood provides. While hardwood is susceptible to warping and splitting, the thin layers of plywood keep veneer stronger longer and less prone to splitting and cracking.

Hardwood risks expanding and contracting due to weather changes, where plywood is less likely to change over time.

Veneered plywood panels are mostly used on doors, panels for cabinets, parquet floors and different parts of furniture. We have a variety of veneered plywood panels to choose from. Contact us if you would like to take a look or request a free quote.

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