For many people, the words ” wall paneling” bring up memories of classic design and dull wooden sheets glued to the wall of their grandparent’s 1970’s home. However, that is definitely not the case anymore. With custom wood paneling, you can give your home, office, or business an elegant look that adds texture and versatility, with the quality and durability that allows you to enjoy it for years to come, within a budget.

Classic Design

Here are a few ways that classic wood paneling for walls can spruce up your space, with no green shag carpeting required.

Textured Walls

A good way to add contrast to any room is to have one wall that stands out above the rest, and adding a textured wood-paneled wall is a great way to achieve that. Our textured panels, such as Pannellis, by Cleaf, come in a variety of colors and design. They are also extremely durable, scratch resistant, and environmentally friendly. These eye-catching interior wood panels will add a degree of sophistication to any room.

Appliance Panels

Do you have appliances that don’t go with the rest of your kitchen’s decor? Elegantly hide your appliances by adding wood paneling to them. Natural looking, durable panels like Syncron, by Alvic will turn any kitchen into a highly decorated oasis. The panels are applied in a way that allow your appliances to no longer stand out, yet are still easily accessible.

High Gloss Offices

Transform any office into a sleek and elegant workspace with high gloss wood panels. We have a large variety of high gloss panels to choose from. One of our more popular options is our Luxe, by Alvic collection. This collection applies state-of-the-art lacquering technology and combines it with the latest generation of materials. It has wonderful features that include easy cleaning, stain resistance, color stability, durability, and high scratch resistance.

Adding wood paneling to your living or working space can add a level of sophistication while still being practical and functional. If you have any questions, contact us today and let us help you elegantly modernize your home or office today.

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