IPE Decking

A deck can be a costly addition to your home. But the benefits of IPE Decking are worth it! If you are looking for a way to increase the value of your property or just want an outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining, then IPE decking may be the best option for you. Check out these five benefits that come with using this type of material on your deck:


  1. More durable than other types of wood


  1. Can last up to 50 years


  1. Doesn’t require annual maintenance as some other decks do


  1. Makes great flooring indoors as well as outdoors


  1. Environmentally friendly


brown wooden terrace outside clear glass door


IPE Decking originated in South America and is typically sourced from old-growth forests. This method of harvesting the wood preserves the biodiversity in these areas that would be lost if new trees were planted. It also reduces carbon emissions since it uses recycled material to manufacture decking products, rather than cutting down virgin timber for raw materials.


IPE Decking can come naturally oiled or with a factory-applied finish. The natural oil helps protect the wooden fibers while allowing them to breathe so they don’t rot or warp over time as untreated decks do. The factory-applied finishes are available in colors ranging from light brown to dark chocolate – there is something for everyone!


This type of decking works best when used outdoors but can also work well indoors because its durability makes it a perfect flooring option. Many homeowners use it as a substitute for linoleum, tiles, or other hard surfaces that would not normally be suitable to install in an outdoor space.


You don’t have to worry about routine maintenance with IPE Decking because this type of material resists the warping and rot that untreated wood is susceptible to. Even though you won’t need yearly sanding and varnishing as you do with other types of decks, there are still some things you can do to keep your deck looking great year after year:


– Clean regularly using a mixture of soap and water – no chemicals required!


– Apply Danish oil at least once per season if desired for added protection against weather elements (not advised for bare wood)


– Inspect monthly and replace any boards that are warped, split, or show signs of rotting.


IPE Decking is a great option if you want to add value to your property without sacrificing quality or investing in constant upkeep!

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