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For professionals who frequently work with MDF, one of the biggest challenges is how to install and maintain the material with a flawless finish, free from scratches and fingerprints.

That’s why we’re excited to share more details about Sunset Áris, an MDF that not only provides protection against UV radiation and heat but also incorporates advanced technology to safeguard the material against micro-scratches and fingerprints. Let’s dive in!

Features of MDF with scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant technology.

This innovative coating technology combines electron beams and acrylic resin to create an additional layer of protection against scratches and fingerprints.

Moreover, it offers excellent resistance to UV radiation and heat, ensuring the MDF’s color remains vibrant regardless of time or exposure to sunlight.

Furthermore, this panel effectively resists the accumulation of fingerprints and smudges, making it perfect for frequently touched surfaces such as doors, cabinets, and decorative panels.

In addition, the fingerprint-resistant feature ensures the MDF maintains a clean and stain-free appearance, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

These remarkable characteristics are present in MDF Sunset Áris. They are crucial in preserving the beauty and integrity of your wood panel projects over time.

Where to use MDF with scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant technology?

Thanks to its resistance to warping and cracking, this panel is a reliable choice for long-term applications.

Therefore, it’s suitable for high-traffic areas like bars, restaurants, and offices.

Furthermore, due to its ability to maintain a pristine look, Sunset Áris panels are highly recommended for residential settings, especially homes with children and pets.

In addition to their functionality and practicality, this new category of MDF with anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch properties comes in two patterns: Fog and Night, seamlessly combining durability and aesthetics.


Where to find Sunset Áris MDF?

Plywood Express’s new collection not only offers innovation and technology but also provides customized manufacturing of premium-quality wood panels.

Contact us today to explore the complete Sunset line catalog and bring your wood panel project to life, free from scratches and fingerprints.

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