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Both wood and glass are versatile elements in decoration and are considered timeless classics. The question is, can you use both at the same time? How can you do that? In this content, we’ll provide some tips on successful projects that have used both materials. Check it out.

The contrast that creates stunning results

Undoubtedly, wood provides strength and solidity to the space it’s applied in, while glass adds a sense of lightness and fluidity. However, both are versatile resources, and by exploring the synergy between them, you can create stunning results for the aesthetics of your project, such as:


  • Transparency and Light;
  • Modern and Elegant Aesthetics;
  • Safety and Durability;
  • Contrast and Complementarity.


The combination of transparent glass with the richness and texture of wood provides a contemporary and elegant look. This aesthetic is often associated with high-end projects and is appreciated for its timelessness by architects and designers.

Below, we’ll show you some examples of how to apply them together.


Enhance Wood Panels with Glass Accents for a Stunning Look

One simple way to incorporate both materials into the same decor is by adding glass objects that complement the wood design. You can choose vases, bottles, sculptures, or even a chair, as seen in Barbara Jalles’ project illustrated in the image below. Here, glass objects were used to create a striking contrast with the wooden panels on the floor and wall.

Barbara Jalles

These glass objects can also be placed on wooden shelves, tables, and cabinets, as demonstrated in this bookshelf made from Nogal Sevilha wood. This approach plays with the textures of both materials, breaking up the monotony of the decor.

Guararapes Sunset Collection Nogal Sevilha

Highlight Surfaces and Walls

Thanks to its durability and longevity, glass is an excellent choice for surface applications. Consider using it on your coffee table, dining table, or even on the kitchen countertop, as shown in the project below featuring the Fendi wood panel as the protagonist, properly treated to withstand kitchen humidity.

Guararapes Sunset Collection Sand

For walls, consider investing in a wood panel, as in the example below, where the Savannah and Maxi White panels were used, adding an extra touch of charm to the space with a coffee table featuring a mirrored glass top. 

Guararapes Sunset Collection Savannah

Stairs and Structures

The combination of glass and wood in stairs and structures is a sophisticated and versatile choice that has been widely explored by experienced architects.

Glass is known for its ability to allow the passage of light. When incorporated into stairs or structures, it can create a luminous and airy effect, making the space more inviting and open. This is especially valuable in areas with limited natural light, as shown in the example below from the Slover Innen project.

Slover innen Plywood

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