In the woodworking and interior design industry, the pursuit of innovative and high-quality materials is essential to ensure successful projects. In this article, we will explore the latest innovations in wood panels, highlighting advanced technologies that elevate the standard of excellence in residential and corporate projects.

Antimicrobial Protection 

Known as NANOXClean® technology, this protection is considered a revolutionary innovation for woodworkers as it provides effective defense against germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms that can impact health.


Recently, rigorous testing has also demonstrated the efficacy of NANOXClean® protection in inactivating SARS-CoV-2 viruses responsible for the Coronavirus. This cutting-edge technology ensures that contact surfaces remain permanently free from these invisible threats in everyday life.


Potentially transformative, especially in a post-pandemic world, this technology helps create healthier environments with a product developed using modern technology and processes, free from toxins.


Scratch and Scuff Prevention

Introducing Electron Beam, a coating technology developed in Germany to be applied directly to wood panels. It works through electron beams and acrylic resin, forming an extra layer of protection against scratches and fingerprints.


In addition to its functionality and practicality, Sunset Aris anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch innovation comes in two patterns, Fog and Night, combining durability and aesthetics harmoniously.

Guararapes Arisnigth

UV and Heat Protection

UV and heat protection is a crucial concern when choosing wood panels for your projects. Fortunately, the Electron Beam coating innovation used in our wood panels offers much more than just scratch and scuff protection.

In addition to maintaining the beauty and durability of the panels, this coating provides an extra layer of defense against damage caused by UV radiation. It prevents unpleasant consequences like:

  • Fading;
  • Discoloration;
  • Warping due to excessive heat;
  • Cracks.

With the application of Electron Beam protection, our wood panels can resist the harmful effects of UV rays, reducing heat transfer and keeping them more stable while preserving their structural integrity.

Ultimately, this technology can shield your project from the harsh effects of time and, with proper care, ensure the resistance and durability that will keep your project intact for generations.

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