The world of interior design and woodworking in 2024 is more vibrant and expressive than ever, celebrating individuality and creativity through a rich palette of timeless colors. Explore the trending color palettes of the Sunset Collection wood panels. Check it out.

Sand​ and Milano: For Refined Classics

If you desire a classic decor that isn’t all white, the Sand and Milano wood panel options from the Sunset collection will bring modern textures and bold details to spaces in 2024.

These timeless shades offer classic elegance with a fresh and contemporary appeal. Their versatility and charm are perfect for a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere.

Rosewood + Nickel: Retro with Modern Touches

Earthy tones will remain on-trend in 2024, and a great choice in this color scheme is to play with combinations of colors and textures. For example, the Rosewood wood panel provides a warm and nostalgic touch, while the Nickel gray adds modernity, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary design.

Two Tones: Subtle Complexity

Two or three-tone color schemes are standout trends for 2024, adding depth and complexity to spaces. These combinations provide a more captivating environment, perfect for minimalist styles.

The Dramatic Style of Dark Tones

In 2024, spaces can embrace soft black tones. Good choices here are the Aris Night and Sunset Nero wood panels. The dramatic hue exudes sophistication and elegance, ideal for creating focal points in the home with an ultra-modern look.

Graphite: For Subtle Luxury

Graphite and various shades of gray will be standout colors for 2024, not only in wall panels but also in upholstery, fabrics, and other decor items. By beautifully complementing various colors and materials, this hue creates an atmosphere of subtle luxury, perfect for lovers of timeless charm and refinement.


Count on Plywood Express in this journey of expressing through colors and transform your interior design projects into true works of art.

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