Renowned for providing direct access to the finest wood panel options, Plywood has decided to innovate further to simplify the shopping journey for professionals designing and decorating interior spaces.

In this context, Plywood Express is launching an exclusive e-commerce platform for carpenters, architects, and interior designers. Let’s explore the details of this innovation below.

An exclusive e-commerce for discerning professionals

With the aim of meeting the expectations of its customers, those responsible for designing and decorating spaces are always striving for the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Understanding this, this new exclusive online store model offers an environment tailored to the demands of the interior market, which, in addition to selling wood panels with exclusive conditions, will provide access to projects and services from other professionals in the field, making it a special networking environment for architects, interior designers, and carpenters.

To access this novelty, professionals need to register through this link and quickly and easily become members of this community.

Technology and Versatility

Initially, the e-commerce will feature a collection of 11 wood panel styles from the Sunset Guararapes collection, incorporating high technology, versatile designs, and innovative solutions that align perfectly with the demands of exceptional projects that these professionals are accustomed to.

Each wood panel has been designed to meet different interior design needs. One of the highlights is the Aris panel, which features cutting-edge technology. With UV protection, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant features, Aris is a perfect choice for spaces that demand durability, maintaining its beauty over time. This technology is particularly useful in high-traffic areas where wood panels may be subject to constant wear.

Timeless Style

Versatility is a striking feature of the Sunset Guararapes collection. The 11 panels feature a variety of colors and textures that fit seamlessly into different interior design styles.

From more traditional environments to ultra-modern spaces, this collection offers options that adapt easily, providing a sophisticated and timeless look. An example of this versatility is the Amana panel, which features warm gray tones and light veins that evoke sedimentary deposits of minerals over time, grain by grain. The rusticity of nature in an engaging panel.


The Power of Choice

With the Sunset Guararapes collection, Plywood Express is putting a range of options in the hands of carpenters, architects, and interior designers that stand out in both aesthetics and functionality.

This exclusive e-commerce platform offers the opportunity to explore each panel’s specifications in detail, ensuring that professionals can confidently choose materials that best suit their projects.

Additionally, Plywood Express is committed to providing technical support and detailed information about each panel. This helps clarify any doubts that professionals may have, making the selection process simpler and more efficient.

Therefore, if you are a carpenter, architect, or interior designer who values high-quality materials and innovative solutions, take advantage of early access to the e-commerce platform and continue to create stunning and functional environments that stand out in the world of interior design.

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