Balancing the growing demand for wood panels with environmental responsibility is crucial to tackle industry challenges and promote sustainability. Discover how the Guararapes brand has become an elegant and sustainable choice for your project.

Eco-Efficiency Benchmark

In 2023, Guararapes achieved significant milestones toward a more sustainable production:

  1. Reduced water consumption in its manufacturing units.
  2. Investment in certified and sustainable technologies.
  3. Constant monitoring of biodiversity in certified FSC® Forest Management farms.
  4. ASG goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including energy, and monitoring energy consumption.
  5. Integration of sustainable development into the business strategy, with an Environmental Policy complying with ISO 14001.

Responsible Production Chain


Guararapes prioritizes the comprehensive use of each harvested tree in its production chain. Thin logs are directed to MDF production, while thicker ones go into plywood. This careful process results in high-quality products that maintain the desired aesthetics in your projects.

By choosing Guararapes wood panels through the TFL Sunset Collection sold by Plywood Express, you invest in a project with beauty and sophistication, also contributing to a more sustainable world.

Exclusive Box Offer

At Plywood Express, we take pride in offering our customers products that meet aesthetic and quality requirements, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

Explore the Sunset collection from Guararapes, available with us. Request it to receive an exclusive sample box from the Sunset Collection.

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