When designing architectural spaces, one of the most challenging tasks is finding the balance between natural wood tones and vibrant colors. Combining these elements can often seem complicated, resulting in a disjointed and unharmonious look. However, Dyed Veneer provides a solution for simplifying vibrant color combinations with natural wood tones.

Dyed Veneer is an exclusive coating made from natural wood veneers that undergo a dyeing process, offering a wide range of colors that enhance the existing appearance of the wood with a cohesive coloration ranging from the lightest beech to the deepest mahogany.

Bringing versatility, Dyed Veneer is designed to meet the specific needs of each project, allowing for a combination that suits your design colors. The dyeing of these coatings facilitates the process of harmonizing colorations in the environment, due to the myriad of tone options that this process offers.

At Plywood Express, we rely on the expertise of Italian technology, TABU, the world-renowned Italian brand, recognized in over 60 countries for the excellence of its dyed and homogeneous pieces.

With over 20 years of commitment to sustainability throughout its processing, TABU stands out as a leader in the wood coating industry. Its reputation is solidified not only by the quality of its products but also by its care for the environment at every stage of the production process.

We are proud to be an authorized TABU reseller. By offering Dyed Veneer in our product line, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality solutions that meet their design needs and also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Experience Dyed Veneer in your next project and discover the endless design possibilities that TABU offers.

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